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Don't tell me not to fly, I've simply got to...

I've gotta fly once, I gotta try once.

7 September 1983
As you can probably tell, this journal is locked to friends only. Therefore, if you want in, you're going to have to leave a message in one of the few open posts in order to get friended back, otherwise I'm not likely to notice.

I am 20-something, have a developing career and great friends; I'm independent, and am very happily single. I spend half of my entries here giggling like a fangirl and the other half mocking the idiots I deal with on a daily basis, with a few ranty "WHY AM I SURROUNDED BY MORONS?" tirades and a few introspective soliloquies in between.

Drama is not welcome, unless it is in the form of awesome fic, either hockey or whatever other fandom I'm currently loving. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. I'm opinionated and biased--and I can deal with differing opinions. Healthy debate is fun!

I write slash. If you don't know what it is, you probably wouldn't like it.

I'm a work in progress, but I'm loving every step of the journey. If you want to come along for the ride, join!

Survey Yoinked from maniaco and kpavuk

Halt! Who goes there? Natalie

Mild-Mannered Alter Ego? Nat...yeah, I've got nothing witty here.

Where are you from? Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What do you like (hockey category)? Penguins full time, Blue Jackets, Blackhawks, Flames part time; Andy Ference, Sidney Crosby, Jordan and Eric Staal, Kris Letang, Tyler Kennedy, Cam Ward, Rick Nash, Rusty Klesla, Nik Zherdev, Jonathan Toews, Dion Phaneuf, Ryan Whitney, Erik Christensen, Marc Denis, Brent Johnson, Freddy Sjostrom, Drew Stafford, Zach and Jordan Parise, Patrick Kane, Brent Seabrook, etc. Short-handed goals, glove saves, open-ice checks, clutch goals, playoff performers, visiting other arenas, the Chicago Blackhawks media personnel.

What do you like (non-hockey category)? Travel, cooking, eating, reading, writing, fashion, changing my hair, Food Network, Adult Swim, Golden Girls, Audrey Hepburn movies, road trips, How I Met Your Mother

What do you hate (hockey category)? Flyers, Lightning, Red Wings; commentators, homer fans, anyone that was on the 2004 Tampa Cup winning team, Derian Hatcher, Kris Draper, half of my own team most of the time, people who constantly yell "SHOOT" at games, being unable to be a fan in my own way (player loyalty first, team loyalty second. Get over it.) without drama, people constantly piling on Sidney Crosby, the double standards that exist between various players, the shootout, quite a lot of the fans.

What do you hate (non-hockey category)? People who can't handle driving through a freaking tunnel. The fact that my best friend is 400+ miles away. Drama queens. Insurance companies, humidity, waking up early. Clients who expect miracles.

Most famous person you have ever met (hockey): Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal, Andrew Ference (Whatever, he counts, he's the resident hippie.)

Most famous person you have ever met (non-hockey): Um...Franco Harris?
TARDIS, 30 minute meals, ahl, alton brown, anderson cooper, andrew ference, andrew ladd, andrew raycroft, andy chiodo, andy ference, antoine vermette, arena bar & grill, audrey hepburn, baby penguins, baking, brent johnson, brent seabrook, calgary flames, cam ward, canada, chasing the dream, chicago blackhawks, chris evans, christmas music, cj andrews, columbus blue jackets, community, concerts, cooking, curtis joseph, david tennant, dean martin, dion phaneuf, doctor who, dolly parton, drew carey's improv-a-ganza, drew stafford, erik christensen, evan finlay, fake!world, family guy, fanfiction, food network, frank sinatra, fredrik sjostrom, french vanilla, futurama, gilbert brule, glee, good eats, haircolor, hanson, himym, hockey, hockey fights, hockey slash, insomnia, jason mraz, jason spezza, jason wade, jeff davis, jimmy eat world, joel mchale, jon stewart, jonathan horton, jonathan toews, jordan eberle, kris beech, kris letang, kris versteeg, lifehouse, marc denis, mariah carey, matt murley, matthew lombardi, michael bublé, michael vartan, mix cds, nhl, niklas hjalmarsson, nikolai zherdev, norah jones, olivia newton-john, patrick eaves, patrick kane, patsy cline, pittsburgh penguins, rachael ray, reading, recipes, rick dipietro, rick nash, road trips, rostislav klesla, rusty klesla, ryan getzlaf, ryan whitney, sasha artemev, scissor sisters, scott patterson, sebastien caron, shane endicott, shawn maltby, sidney crosby, silence, simon gagne, slash, sleeping in, snow, something corporate, steve yzerman, style, taylor hall, the 80,000th statements post, the 90,000th statements post, the nanny, the princess bride, the sims, the starting line, the weather channel, tigers, toby petersen, tom kostopoulos, travel, tyler kennedy, tyler seguin, white chocolate, white collar, white tigers, wilkes barre/scranton penguins, winter, writing, zach parise