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Friends Only.

Comment. Maybe I'll add.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 03:50 am (UTC)
Re: just wanted to give a lil props...
Man, I know what you mean. Brad Richards has gotten alot of my ire over the last 18 months, after watching him in the Finals against the Flames, ugh. I really wanted to hate him. But I heard a great story about him a few weeks ago, a friend of mine lives in Tampa (despite being a huge Sens fan.), and her husband and son were at the children's hospital--her son was wearing a Redden jersey, and yet Richards came over to talk to him, was saying how he's good friends with Wade Redden, etc...It really made me like the guy, if not ON the ice, at least OFF of it.

I just got annoyed by the idiots, and I couldn't bear to deal with them anymore. I've picked up some new friends SINCE making my lj friends only, and they've all been quality people, great adds. They realize that yeah, I have my "OMGSQUEE!" moments, which are SO fangirlish and geeky, but I also really DO know the game. Its amazing how guys can sit and watch football, and drool over the cheerleaders--but that's okay. But yet, I can't sit and enjoy a hockey game--and realize that, damn, some of those guys are hot--without being regarded as a puckbunny.

And yes, Jason Spezza's big-eared dorkiness is part of his charm. That and the reputation he has for being a goofball. I mean, when they asked Chris Neil about him, his reply was "Oh, you mean 'Giggles'?"

Seriously. How can you not love a guy nicknamed Giggles?
Oct. 23rd, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)
Re: just wanted to give a lil props...
Methinks Richards and Redden are friends from the 2004 World Championships, perhaps. That's a cool story...the best part for me is hearing that there are Sens fans in non-Ottawa cities (I'm stuck in the land of the Maple Leafs, and it can be pure unadulterated hell).

Giggles eh? Awesome! Much better than these lame-o nicknames that are just a warping of players' last names: Spezz (how his nickname isn't 'spazz' is amazing), Bonkie, Iggie (Iginla), etc... Man, I really miss Ottawa hockey coverage here--it's seriously a black hole here, it all gets sucked into the Toronto vortex. Chris Neil's on fiyyah, eh? Amazing for a guy who had 16 points in 82 games in 2003...Alfredsson just makes everyone around him better!
Oct. 23rd, 2005 04:25 am (UTC)
Re: just wanted to give a lil props...
Ottawa's just been so damn dominant. I think that they're going to really thrive under Bryan Murray, he's a coach that really fits their lineup, because he can appreciate the creativity of guys like Spezza and Alfredsson and now, Heatley--but he's not going to let them slouch defensively either. If Hasek can stay healthy, they're going to be one hell of a force all season. I'll try to put as much Ottawa news in my LJ as possible, to try to keep you updated :)

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