September 26th, 2005

Sidney - Omfg Iggy's a Penguin


You know what sucks? Idiots. Idiots who makes assumptions without knowing any real facts.

It takes alot to offend me, it really does. I typically smile, and nod, and let everything roll off my back. But one thing I despise, is being called something that I am most certainly not. A puckbunny.

I love the game of hockey. I love it. I hate it sometimes too. But that's how it goes with all passions, they straddle that slippery slope between love and hate. I love the speed of the game, the artistry of a beautiful offensive chance, the bravery of a defenseman diving down to block a shot, the fluidity in a goalie's move from left to right. A good game is better than any other entertainment in the world. Overtime playoff hockey trumps all other moments in sports, period, end of story.

Don't tell me I don't know this game. Don't treat me as if I don't know all its intricacies, as if I'm a mere casual observer. I may not be able to sit down and pick one team solely, to put all of my love and allegiance behind, but the game? I DO have passion and love for it. I will sit and watch a game where I know absolutely none of the players, if there's no other option. I watched the Frozen Four anytime it was on ESPN, every year for the last 3 or 4. I knew NOT ONE player on either team at any point in time, but I watched anyways, because it was hockey. I watched the game that was in Larionov's honor last year, on a crappy, grainy public access station, because it was hockey, and I was starved for it. I care more, and know more about this game than any of the supposed "real" fans I know in my every day life. I can tell you more about the game of hockey, more stats, more history, than any guy I went to school with, or have worked with. My DAD asks me questions because he doesn't get it as much as I do.

I am not a puck bunny.

Am I a red blooded female? Hell yes. Do I notice that Andy Ference is hot? Yes. Do I recognize that Matt Murley has gorgeous eyes? Yes. Do I have a soft spot for Andy Chiodo because he is, truly, a good guy off the ice? Yes.

This does NOT take away from my knowledge, or love of the game.

So here's a big old fuck you to anyone who makes that assumption. Have a great day, assholes.
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